how to install decking around an above ground pool

how to install decking around an above ground pool

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How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Deck Installed Cost

Without any professional installation, the costs of an above ground pool deck kit could be anywhere from as little as $800 for a simple three-by-five foot deck to as much as $9,000 for a full oval deck. On Amazon, for instance, a taupe 5 x 13.5 feet resin deck retails for more than $2,600.

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40 Uniquely Awesome Above Ground Pools Planning your deck around an above ground pool is very simple as long as you Above Ground Pool: Installation Cost and

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Best Above Ground Pool Decks – A How to Build DIY Guide

An above ground pool deck is affordable, easy to install, requires less maintenance and is easily available in the market. You and your family can have fun and enjoy the above ground pool deck if it is installed properly with a wooden deck around it.

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Install 2" x 6" decking from the outside support of the pool. The decking should rest about 1/2 inch away from the edge of the pool to allow for expansion. Adjust the edges of the board that rest near the pool wall with a jigsaw as needed.

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The straight full course next to the pool will also provide a straight edge for the decking that is installed on both sides of the round pool so they match upon completion. 2 Lay the deck board on top of the joist nearest the pool edge with one corner of the board resting on the deck joist and the other end resting on the pool rim.

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It is a good practice to install joist tape over the top of joists to protect from standing water. Installing a self closing gate may be required to prevent access for unsupervised children. Installing extra blocking will reinforce the frame because of the added activity and variety of uses on pool decks. Use gravel under the deck to help with water drainage. Check out our free pool deck plans.

Decks & Pools - Tips to Building a Deck around your Pool

If mom, dad, and grandma want to sit around and watch the kids swim, it is so much easier to do so from an elevated position, sitting at water level instead of down on the ground three feet below. These decks can be narrow and small, giving deck access to only a portion of the pool, or they can be elaborate, pool-surrounding affairs with additional decking area attached that has room for patio furniture.

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Building a freestanding deck around an above-ground pool offers additional space, easy and safe pool access, and the opportunity to really personalize an outdoor area.

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Although we are not deck builders here at the Above Ground Pool Builder, we do have some opinions based on our experience. We have seen many decks over the years and know what styles are best when installers come by to replace liners or pools that have decks attached. Above ground pools come with wall heights of 48”, 52” and 54”.

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If you have an above ground pool in your back yard, you’ve surely thought about how amazing it would be to install a deck around your above ground pool.