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Utility Trailer Floor Replacement - Wood Floor Bed

29 Oct 2017 utility trailer wood floors can become rotten and unstable. It's a good idea to replace the floor boards with new treated lumber as needed. For me, replacing the wood floor in my utility trailer was on that never ending list. When installing the boards, the front of the board slips into that U channel and the rest of the board is laid in place and is secured with screws or bolts and capped at 

Carry On trailer mod. Putting a wood deck over wire mesh. Part 1 of

17 Aug 2016 Nailing wood to Steel, Truck and trailer floors - Duration: 0:15. Jason Zoltan 2,333 views · 0:15. Reflooring or Redecking utility trailer Bed - Duration: 8:13. 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos 10,708 views · 8:13 · Replace / Install 

Trailer Deck Replacement - YouTube

3 Apr 2012 Describes how to change/install new boards on the deck of a cargo trailer. You mentioned using pressure treated lumber but your 2 x 10's don't look like the pressure treated lumber we have here (Idaho). My concern with 

Replacing 16' trailer boards (No welding) - YouTube

5 Jun 2015 We seen it done with a jack which is safer but I didn't have one and it needed done and this worked out fine.

Replace / Install NEW Wood Deck and Painting Car Hauler TRAILER

22 Sep 2016 It's also cheaper and makes the trailer lighter, and I could always add floor boards to the trailer if I want. I used three 2x8x16 pressure treated boards on each side at a total cost of $107. Still need to do the dovetail but that's not 

Customized Utility Trailer (Sides and Cover) - YouTube

24 Oct 2014 Customized utility trailer (Sides and Cover) . Nice looking setup! What did you use to secure the plywood to the trailer frame?? I wood have painted the wood matching your car, then painted your company name to match the black on your car. . utility trailer floor Replacement - Duration: 5:44.

How to Install Treated Wood on Trailer Floors Home Guides SF Gate

Pressure-treated lumber as a replacement for old boards or plywood helps the bed of your utility trailer withstand the elements for years. The treated wood is strong enough to haul your motorcycle, landscaping gear or construction tools.

Putting wooden sides on a small trailer - YouTube

27 Jul 2015 I built quick sides for my trailer, thought it may help you if you need to make quick sides for a small trailer.

A new deck for the trailer - YouTube

30 Jul 2011 I put the wood right over the mesh.?. Read more mag1381 sorry i meant back the mower onto the trailer instead of pulling it onto the trailer forward.? leave the mesh floor on and use oak or birch plywood then paint?.

Replacing a trailer board (no welding or cutting) - YouTube

16 Mar 2015 Explaining how I replaced one of the floor boards without cutting or welding on the trailer.

New wood floor on the old flatbed trailer - YouTube

16 Dec 2017 New wood floor on the old flatbed trailer. Back to the Basics 101. Loading. . on the bolts that you installed toward the front of the trailer, do you need to use a lock washer for vibrations??. Read more. Show less. Reply 1.

Trailer Wood - YouTube

11 Feb 2015 "If it ain't broke, it ain't mine!!!" That's my new motto, FFS. Never fails. In this video I cut off the old angle iron and get ready to replace some rotten wood, 2x6's and 2x8's, on my trailer. I always have to work on stuff before I can 

Utility Trailer Floor Replacement - YouTube

29 Oct 2017 Website Article: Get our free e-book, '6 Fun Step-by-step Projects': stoneandsons.n

Replace wood on Utility Trailer - no welding - YouTube

13 May 2012 This is a step by step description of how I changed the wood on my Parker utility trailer. Sorry if it's long 1/4" x 2 "1\2 self drilling screws torx head are better, they are less likely to strip out the heads during install. 1/8 pilot drill bit We have to replace the floor on a 16' trailer, and were contemplating cutting the entire end off, replacing the boards, then having it welded back on Since we 

Reflooring or Redecking Utility Trailer Bed - YouTube

6 Sep 2014 trailer floor Replacement - Duration: 6:41. WhatIsKenDoing 64,949 views · 6:41 · Replacing a trailer board (no welding or cutting) - Duration: 2:55. Mike Crane 22,205 views · 2:55. Building a Custom 5 X 10 utility trailer (Part 

How to Remove and Install Flat-Bed Trailer Deck ~ 16 Foot Deck

22 Dec 2015 In this video we show you how we removed the old decking on our all-purpose 16 foot flat-bed trailer and then put on a new deck. My wood laid in a 3" L shape angle at the front of the trailer, then a 1" L angle bolted down across the front of the trailer that held down the wood. of board just a little less wide than the boards that you are putting on the floor, under the trailer underneath that board about Best Method for Treating wood Decks on your utility trailer, etc.

Installing wood on a mesh bottom 5x8 trailer - YouTube

27 Sep 2014 This is a short video of my process of putting lumber onto my new 5 x 8 mesh bottom utility trailer. I do not claim to The mesh on my trailer is sagging from hauling my John Deer lawn mower, I am thinking about putting a wood floor down. Your vid was I'm about to do my 5x8 Lowe's trailer, was thinking of using those poly deck boards, not heavy as wood but expensive. I'm cutting the 

How to Build Wood Sides for Utility Trailer DIY Homesteading

14 Feb 2017 In this easy DIY homesteading project video, Eric will show you How to Build wood Sides for a utility trailer or flatbed trailer. utility trailer modificatio

Re-Deck Your Trailer - Quick Tip - YouTube

8 Jan 2012 This isn't a full how-to but just a quick tip on how to remove boards when redecking your car hauler trailer. Here's a tip my Father in Law told me to do with wood decking on trailers & trucks, brush on your left over motor oil onto the wood decking on a warm day. When did Mr. Rogers start doing trailer flooring?? . Best Method for Treating wood Decks on your utility trailer, etc.

replacing trailer deck boards - YouTube

10 Sep 2010 After constructing new ramps from scrap steel we replace the deck boards with new pressure treated boards. .considering the length of the trailer, if you could have gotten the wood stock the length of your trailer, you could to install full length boards you just put one end in place bend the board near the middle and put the other end in Re-decking and re-wiring a 16-foot flatbed trailer. trailer floor Repair 5-2011 - Duration: 15:49. archersfriend 9,927 views.

Trailer deck replacement - YouTube

30 Jun 2013 In this video we are replacing the deck wood on my neighbor's trailer. Myself and DaddyTechEnt use this trailer a lot! the wood finally rotted out after abou